Paintechnik ATLAS 10 Airless Sprayer

ATLAS 10 Airless Sprayer

Paintechnik ATLAS 10 inch series airless sprayer with a new outlook and more powerful pump.

Our new technology and high quality pump gives you great performance and additional power. The ATLAS 10 pump is easy to disassemble which aids greatly for maintenance and troubleshooting.

ATLAS 10 is highly reliable and suited to the harshest environments. It can handle extremely viscous fluids which require extreme pressure ratios and high flow rates.

Advantages of the ATLAS 10:

  • The latest technology air motor
  • Higher pressure ratio for higher flow rates, longer lines and better atomization
  • Wide spraying and coating covered area
  • Simple maintenance and fluid section

Available in pressure ratios:

  • 45:1
  • 65:1
  • 70:1
  • 80:1