Worcraft ALL-LINK Cordless Tools

One Battery - So Many Tools

The Worcraft ALL-LINK Cordless range has over 30 different tools, all powered by the same 20V 2.0Ah / 4.0Ah battery. Instead of buying multiple tools, with multiple battery types, you can buy just one battery and one charger and power all the different tools. When-ever you have a new tool requirement, just buy the bare tool. Saves you money and is more convenient.

The Worcraft ALL-LINK Cordless range includes tools for cutting, grinding, sawing, fastening, trimming, pumping, riveting, caulking, vacuuming, mowing, polishing, lighting and blowing; and more. During down-times you can even relax and listen music with the bluetooth speaker, also powered by the same Worcraft ALL-LINK Cordless battery.

Whatever projects you have around the home, workplace or garden, there is a
Worcraft ALL-LINK Cordless tool to meet your needs.

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