Worcraft OnePower Cordless Tools


1 Battery - So Many Tools

The OnePower range has over 30 different tools, all powered by the same 20V 4.0Ah battery. Instead of buying multiple tools, with multiple battery types, you can buy just one battery and one charger and power all the different tools.

When-ever you have a new tool requirement, just buy the bare tool. Saves you money and is more convenient.

The OnePower range includes tools for drilling, cutting, grinding, sawing, fastening, trimming, pumping, riveting, caulking, vacuuming, mowing, polishing, lighting and blowing; and more.  

During down-times you can even relax and listen to music with the Bluetooth speaker, also powered by the same OnePower battery. 

Whatever projects you have around the home, workplace or garden, there is a OnePower tool to meet your needs.

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